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  1. Mission Statement
  2. Quick History
  3. Why to call TGN your home
  4. Structure/Organization
  5. Full History
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The Tsunami Gaming Network facilitates both competitive and recreational gaming by providing an ethical framework of resources to gamers including voice services, website hosting, discussion boards, game servers, and more.


We’ve been around for awhile. Communities come and go, and gaming changes, but our identity and friendships remain.

Admittedly, we went through a low-point a few years back when our founder (Fl00d3d) had some big things happen in his personal life. The forums were basically abandoned, public servers were shut down, and the gaming scene itself changed altogether. The net result was a community that died off pretty quick.

But we hung in there…

Years later we’ve come back. The website has been simplified and updated, the traditional phpBB forums we used for years have been updated to the latest version (finally!) and custom modifications manually removed. We’re pushing social media now more than ever. We expect it will take some time to rebuild the group, but we’re a patient group. We’ve had countless people visit us on Teamspeak just to say hello. People we hadn’t talked to in YEARS, but who saw our Facebook posts or got our email blast from the forums.

POINT IS, gaming should be about the social experience. You want to play games with people who treat you with respect and you want to be a part of a community that has admins with technical experience as well as the resources to grow.<a id=”whytgn”></a> We do! We’re not some random kid’s free hosting where you’ll have technical problems and drama. So even if you have your own small community already, we welcome you into the fold. Heck, maybe we can even work out merging you into us. We’ve done it before. More bullet points below!       Back to the top


In an era where multi-gaming communities are really struggling, why should you want to be a part of Tsunami Gaming? Here’s why:
1. We’re seasoned. We’ve seen what works and what doesn’t work. We’ve hit a peak and experienced “drama”, breakups, community-splits, dying servers, etc. Many communities think they understand these things or can plan for these things, but they simply can’t. It’s one of those things that comes with experience. And we have it.
2. We’re a framework. There’s no magic answer to having a well-balanced community. It’s about the people and their relationships. Games come and go, but friendships shouldn’t. We get that and have designed our whole community around that. That’s why we have people coming back to visit us 5+ years later!
3. Our Founder is picky. Some may think that’s a bad thing, but he has standards and won’t allow problems to poison the well or for the good name of Tsunami Gaming to be tarnished. And that’s important to you as a member of the community. No one wants to stick around a community with a bad name.
4. Technical expertise. A lot of communities don’t have the technical expertise to manage their own web server, code their own website, or setup/maintain their own game servers. They generally pay other people to do it for them, or find someone that does it as a hobby to “hook them up” – and then they end up disappearing down the road and the community falls to shambles. Our Founder is self-sufficient and well-funded. The important things will always be taken care of. And when help is available, they’ll be added to the team to enrich the experience.
5. Donations are not required. We don’t follow a model of “pay-to-win” like some communities do. We do try to find ways to reward our donors, both in Discord and in-game.  And sometimes those perks make the game easier for you or give you special items.  But we won’t reward donors with things in game that aren’t obtainable.  We do have a large bill to pay every month, so all help is GREATLY appreciated!

The list could go on…       Back to the top


TGN has a multi-layered approach to community management. Starting from the top, the Founder (fl00d3d) appoints gamers at his sole discretion to oversee sub-communities.

Sub-communities are smaller parts of the Tsunami Gaming Network that are usually centered on a popular game and/or public servers we host. Sub-community Managers have full authority over everything about that game within the Tsunami Gaming Network such as appointing administrators for public game servers, approving moderators, which server mods and server settings to use, etc. Sub-community Managers are expected to be extremely active and are responsible for filling all roles (or doing it themselves). Though they manage the sub-community, it’s still a part of TGN so the Founder has a right to over-ride any decision made by the manager.

Game Admins are responsible for running public game servers: installing them, setting them up, configuring them, updating them, fixing bugs, and making the overall experience lag free and cheat free. Admins have a daily responsibility to their players to keep things up-to-date and stable. They appoint moderators to help with in-game functions, but they’re responsible for the more difficult stuff like setting up the servers, downloading and configuring files, etc.

Game Mods are appointed to help manage the public game servers when the Admin isn’t around, with answering questions, or dealing with player issues whenever they arise. Mods should be active daily.

Discord Admins and Mods are people that are extremely active in Discord (active almost every day and are constantly contributing to the conversations and being helpful). Discord admin is reserved for those who have extremely advanced knowledge of Discord or who have merged in large Discord servers. Discord Admins and Discord Mods really have no responsibilities or authority for the game server stuff. They’re focused only on the functionality of Discord itself.

Clan Leaders/Members are players who are a part of the Tsunami Gaming Network who want to form a clan, guild, outfit, squad, etc. using the Tsunami Gaming/TGN/TsuGaming name and logo. They’re required to stay active in Discord and represent TGN and its values. Clan leaders control their clans and manage them however they see fit, including how their channels are organized in Discord. If there is a public game server that is sufficiently managed and active in addition to the clan, the clan leader may also be a Sub-Community Manager.

Some people may have multiple roles. In most cases, the highest “ranking” role is displayed in Discord (that’s just how Discord works). But in some cases the person may request to not be displayed in Discord at a specific role.

It is important to note that no matter what the role or responsibility is of a person in TGN, we’re all here to do the same thing: enjoy some gaming. Leaders should stay focused on leading only their areas and not stepping on the toes of others. Disagreements, drama, fights, etc. should be done in PRIVATE. NOT in public chat or public voice chat. If two people in a leadership role in the community have a problem they cannot resolve, a group conversation should be held with the Founder to try and work it out.

Drama will not be tolerated by ANYONE. From the newest player all the way up to a long-time member who is a Sub-Community Manager. Keep the drama away from the community and its players.

If you have a question or problem, feel free to contact the Founder (fl00d3d) privately in Discord. We keep an open door policy and want everyone to feel comfortable here.       Back to the top


April 4, 2003   All Out Gaming is formed by Lee Dalchow as a C&C:Renegade gaming community.
September 11, 2003   Tsunami Alliance is created by Sean “fl00d3d” Jellema as a gaming site.
February 11, 2004   Cryptowizard Networks is formed by Sean Jellema as a hosting provider.
March 20, 2004   All Out Gaming begins selling C&C:Renegade servers.
April 7, 2004   All Out Hosting is formed by Lee Dalchow as a C&C:Renegade game server provider.
January 1, 2006   Tsunami Alliance is reformed by Sean Jellema as a multi-gaming community.
August 15, 2006   All Out Gaming merges with Tsunami-Alliance
September 6, 2006   Cryptowizard Networks is reformed as TsuServers by Sean Jellema.
September 28, 2006   Tsunami Alliance is renamed to Tsunami Gaming (www.TsuGaming.com)
February 25, 2007   All Out Hosting and TsuServers merge to form Tsulutions
June 9, 2008   Tsulutions becomes a US-based Limited Liability Company focused on the hosting industry.
January 1, 2011   Tsulutions begins Software Development Operations and special projects.

We’ve been at it for awhile.  And have had some amazing memories created along the way.  A little extra ‘trivia’ for you: after January 1st of 2011, Tsulutions’ software development eventually became Epicenter Game Studios, which is still an active business to this day.  Our history isn’t just about living and breathing video games, now it includes making them.

Be a part of our history and become a part of the Tsunami Gaming Network!       Back to the top


Still looking for more information about our community or history?  Feel free to chase down our founder (fl00d3d) on Discord.  He stays pretty active and in-touch and will respond as quickly as he can.  If you have a generic question like where to find something or how something works, you may find a faster response by posting in the #hangout channel of our Discord.  The Discord invite link can be found at the top of this website under “Voice”.       Back to the top