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Why donate?

Running our own game servers costs money and time. Whereas most pay someone else to host their servers (like Gameservers.com), we run our own hardware in a datacenter. This gives us complete control over running things our way, more powerful game servers, flexibility, and independence. But it comes at at cost.

If you’re interested in helping to cover some of these expenses, please click on the link above. It will take you to Paypal where I’ve set up an account to accept donations. This money will be used to help cover our expenses. Anything that isn’t covered by Paypal comes out of my pocket personally.

What do I get out of the deal?

While all donations are appreciated, every month is up and down so donations are really carried by those who donate in larger amounts.  To reward those people we want to acknowledge it in a special way.  For this reason, depending on your donation amount you may receive different perks.

To make it fair to donors, I have revised the donation policy to simplify it and make it more clear what you’ll get out of it.  This is more of a wording change than a real number change.  The numbers still work out to be similar.

For every $5 USD donation, the community will recognize you as a donor for a one-week period.  So if you donate $15, you will be given credit for a 3-week donation.  $20-39 donations will be given a credit for a full month.  $40+ donations will be given “Sponsor” status for a full month.  There is no way to donate for more than one month at a time unless a special arrangement is made in advance (I would have to edit this on the back-end).

For example:
$5 = up to 1 week
$10 = up to 2 weeks
$15 = up to 3 weeks
$20 = up to 4 weeks
$25 = up to 4 weeks
$30 = up to 4 weeks
$35 = up to 4 weeks
$40 = up to 4 weeks (Sponsor level)

If you make multiple donations within the same month, your donation will stack.  So you’ll first be upgraded in time (up to a maximum of 4 weeks), or if you exceed $40 in that month you’ll be upgraded to Sponsor status.

If you have special considerations or need special accommodations, feel free to discuss it with fl00d3d privately.  This system was setup to reward donations, but we don’t want anyone to feel discouraged or, worse, punished – because they aren’t donating enough.  So if you would like to mix and match or break things up in pieces or something like that, just talk to fl00d3d and we’ll work something out.

In an effort to promote donations and votes, and to reward our loyal members, we have created a rewards program that gives you a chance to win up to $25/month in Steam gift cards!

1 point rewarded for every $1 donated (1st – 14th)
1 point rewarded for every $2 donated (15th – end of month)
1 point rewarded for every 5 server votes (per eligible server)

1. Points stack until end of month
2. Points reset at the end of the calendar month
3. Points are not transferable
4. Each server used for calculation must end the month in top 20 or no points will be awarded for that server
5. All points discussions and reward claims will be handled on our Discord ONLY. No emails, social media, other Discords, direct messages, etc.
7. This is an experimental, “for fun”, reward program for our loyal donors and voters. Terms and conditions remain flexible and fl00d3d (Sean) reserves the right to withhold rewards for any reason.

Random draw donors-only = $10 Steam card
Random draw voters-only = $10 Steam card
Random draw all = $5 Steam card

–> Adjustments and promotions are at the sole discretion of fl00d3d <–


For the sake of legal reasons: all donations are considered final, will not be refunded, and you agree that you are making the donations without an expectation of a product or service.  All perks and rewards are at the sole discretion of Sean (aka “fl00d3d”) and there is no obligation to disburse.

100% of donation money is used EXCLUSIVELY for our server bill and rewards.  Whatever is collected at the end of a month is first applied to pay out rewards for the month, and the remaining balanced is then applied to our server bill.  Any portion of the server bill that remains unpaid is paid out of fl00d3d’s pocket personally.  If for some reason we receive more donations in a month than our expenses (very rare), the excess amount will remain in the Paypal account for future months.  It is never used for anything other than this community!


  1. March 2019

    $170.00 donated of $320.00 goal

A list of the most recent donors, as well as a list of our top donors, can be found on the front page of this website towards the bottom of the page.

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