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Server: Eridanus
Alliance Name: TGN (Tsunami Gaming Network)
Founder: fl00d3d
phpBB discussion board for our oGame:

Friend of TGN or want to join our alliance?
1. Register your account on in the Eridanus universe (server)
2. Message the founder on Steam (fl00d3d), here on the forums, or on our Facebook page.
3. Find the TGN alliance tag in the game and request to join.  Once we’ve confirmed you we’ll get more info.

Someone else or new to TGN?
1. The best way to get a hold of is probably Facebook.  These traditional forums aren’t used much anymore.
2. Discord is also an option.  There is a text chat option there where you can either private message fl00d3d (Terror Nova in oGame) or the chat room with your question.

Interested in joining the Tsunami Gaming Network (TGN) Alliance? We look for active players that are aggressive and resilient. You can’t win every battle, but we’ll expect you to put up a good fight and return with a chip on your shoulder.

Activity is absolutely critical. This is a time-management game and the whole purpose of an alliance is to work as a team. If your team can’t depend on you, you’re of little value to the alliance.

Aggression, coupled with some restraint and calculation, is what differentiates an average player from a great player. We expect our players to be aggressive; not only in combat but in making themselves and our alliance better.

Resilience. Everyone loses a battle. Some more than others. This will include our members and our alliance as a whole. But ATTITUDE and HEART builds resilience. We’re looking for players that won’t be discouraged when knocked down. It doesn’t do anyone any good to just give up when they suffer a loss. Alliance members should help eachother out when they request support, and if you’re the one that suffered the loss you should have a good attitude about getting back on your feet and fighting back.

TGN (outside of oGame) is a multi-gaming community that has been around for over a decade. We’ve dabbled in a little bit of everything and currently manage multiple game servers, a Discord, and a Teamspeak. We’re here for the long haul and love making new friends. After all: what is gaming without the social experience? Check us out on the web at or by visiting us on Facebook at