7 Days to Die: Starvation Mod

About the game

7 Days to Die is a zombie apocalypse survival game that’s unique from other games. It combines the traditional survival mode of games (eg. DayZ) with the builder mode of others (eg. Minecraft). The result is complete freedom in a dynamic and open world.

Starvation” is a mod (modification) to the original 7 Days to Die game. This means that you install the original game and then it is modified so that it has more features, items, and quests. It’s like an expansion pack created by fans.

This mod adds a variety of new things such as playable radiation zone, food spoilage, farming, raiders, and more!

Click HERE to view trailers for the 7 Days to Die and Starvation Mod.

Step-by-step Instructions:

Purchase 7 Days to Die.  You can purchase this game on Steam for about $25.  There are typically 25-50% deals going on every couple of weeks if money is tight.  But it’s worth the full $25!  You can purchase the game here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/251570/7_Days_to_Die/
Download and install the Mod Installer.  After you’ve purchased 7 Days to Die and installed it using Steam, you’ll need to install the mod.  The easiest way to do this is to download and install the Mod Installer program.  Download and install it here: https://7d2dlauncher.blob.core.windows.net/installer/7D2DModLauncher.exe
   Install Starvation Mod.  Again, Starvation Mod is a modification of the original game.  So basically what you’re doing is modifying the original game files of 7 Days to Die with new files.  When you open the Mod Installer tool, find Starvation on the left-hand side.  You’ll select where your 7 Days to Die is installed (it should automatically fill that part out for you) and then you’ll install the mod using a copy of the game.  Make sure you pre-sync files (takes a few minutes) before trying to launch the game for the first time.  For a more detailed step-by-step setup guide, visit (coming soon!).
   Launch Starvation Mod.  Since this modification of the original game uses a separate copy of files, it is important that you launch the correct copy of 7 Days to Die.  Using the Mod Installer tool, launch the game.  The first time the game loads it will take awhile (typically 3-4 minutes).  Point is: Starvation takes longer to load up that normal 7 Days to Die.  So don’t get impatient.  If you crash or have problems, get a hold of us on Discord or Facebook.
   Join our  voice server.  Working out the little bugs, finding the server, and learning how to play the mod is a LOT easier if you’re on voice chat with other gamers like you.  Go to http://www.tsugaming.com/voice for information on our voice servers.  If we don’t respond right away, be sure to leave some information on how we can get a hold of you (ie. your Steam username).  We’re a community that cares – so we’ll make sure we help you out.
   Connect to our game server.  All that’s left at this point is to PLAY!  We know the installation process can be a bit tricky for some, so if you’re having problems with Step 3 through Step 5, hop on Discord and let us know.  Our game server information is shown below.  Make sure you keep your game up-to-date using the launcher.  And we’ll do our part to keep the server up to date.  Server information can be found in the dropdown menu at the top of this website.
  If you find any errors or outdated information in this Step-by-Step guide, please contact us using the contact form: http://tsugaming.com/contact/

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