7 Days to Die: Ravenhearst Mod
Server name: TsuGaming.com Ravenhearst NEW PVE (Normal 7 Day Edition)

This is our latest server (Day 1 started on 11-12-2018).  It is running the latest version of the mod (version 4.3 core), which is likely to be the final version of Ravenhearst according to Jax.  We stay on top of mod news daily and will be tracking progress for this mod and potentially another mod by Jax after Alpha 17.

This is what you need to install in the Mod Launcher in order to play on this server:

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Server information (below)
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Server information:

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Bot Commands:

Coming soon!  You can also view them on http://www.botman.nz

Server Rules: 

  1. No cheating. This should go without saying, but since EAC needs to be turned off, we’re spelling it out for you. 1st time offense = permanent ban.
  2. NO PVP (Player versus Player)! Which means NO KILLING OTHER PLAYERS! This includes using glitches or tricks to sabotage their property or cause them damage. Don’t be a jerk. Other players should never be the enemy. If you have a problem with someone, report them to the admin. But stay away from their base.
  3. Do not land claim in cities.  Some areas outside of the city are still in the same region file as the city, so it’s at your own risk if you build there.  You can either look at the web map or check with an admin if you’re not sure.  Bases built within a region that contains city may be wiped without notice!
  4. Do not land claim rare or unique POIs (Points of Interest). This means unique buildings or buildings that spawn unique loot. Examples include Crack-a-Book, Working Stiffs Tools, etc. If you’re in doubt, ask an admin BEFORE dropping a land claim block.
  5. Treat other players with respect. Since this is a PvE server, we’re hoping players will cooperate, trade, and help answer questions. You do NOT need to ally with everyone you meet or trust them. It’s still a survival game. But in chat you should be friendly and respectful. If you’re not capable of doing that, just don’t talk to the person.
  6. Please don’t spam chat.  We prefer you use Discord if you want to carry on conversations.
  7. No advertising other groups, servers, or communities. We work hard to develop our servers and community and don’t want our resources being used to advertise someone else.
    These rules may change at any time. Check back here frequently. Not knowing the rules isn’t an excuse!

Server Map: 

Not working?  Try http://win2.tsugaming.net:8323
-Players are not supposed to see anything other than the world map or regions.  So don’t think the map is bugged because you can’t see land claims or player locations.  If you think there’s a problem, contact the admin on Discord.
-The world map can be flaky, so zoom in and out (and pan side to side) to refresh it from time to time.