Pick your poison!

We offer both Discord and Teamspeak 3.

We’ve had numerous people ask us about using Discord, so despite us disagreeing with Discord’s privacy policy (they own your data) and the fact that we have a 500+ user non profit license for Teamspeak that costs us nothing at all, we’ve thrown up a Discord for you to use. Admittedly we’re not terribly familiar with it, so if you have a feature suggestion or would like to help manage it and drive traffic to it – give us a shout. Teamspeak 3 is another story altogether. We’ve been running “this” Teamspeak server for over a decade! Many years ago when it was still Teamspeak 2, we’ve constantly maintained our user database and performed upgrades. Our lead admin also used to own a company that was an Authorized Teamspeak Host Provider (ATHP), so we’re VERY familiar with Teamspeak. Feel free to use whatever you prefer. (Sorry, no Ventrillo!) ;(

We primarily now use DISCORD.

Below are scripts that show you the live status of our servers. If you need help getting connected, you can either try one of the following resources:
1. Go to our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/tsunamigaming/ and send us a message.
2. Visit the official Discord support link: https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us
3. Visit the official Teamspeak support link: https://forum.teamspeak.com/
Please help us maintain an active server by staying logged in. We have AFK channels for those times you just … can’t … game … anymore … (j/k?). We know you have to sleep SOMETIME, but staying on Discord or Teamspeak help us bring in more players and enhance the social experience of it all.